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  • Dwellink sound designer leads the Newcomer Charts just released their first article about Dwellinks sound desinger “The Pulpy Principle”, who is on top of the newcomer charts for over a week now! Why does that matter? Well, because the song the article and the chart placement is about – Bitter Heat – is just an alternative version of the backgroundmusic track […]

  • German Games Industry Association – New member

    Starting this year we are part of the German Games Industry Association! We are happy to work together with all the other game companies from this awesome group in the future. About the German Games Industry Association: We are the association of the German games industry. Our members include developers, publishers and many other games […]

  • Dwellink Teaser Trailer

    The first teaser footage for Dwellink: War of the Nine was just shared over the Instagram page of HighPassionStudios! We hope you like what you see so far! By switching to the UE5, we enhanced our graphical goal quite a bit thanks to the newest technologies like Lumen, Nanite or Houdini.

  • Dwellink Playtest MTM22

    Thanks to all the people who visited our booth at the Munic Mediadays 2022! We heard some incredible feedback about our prototype so far and we canĀ“t wait to show more in the future!